E M Westwood Photography | About
I’m Emma, I love my family, my friends and photography (oh, and cake).

I’ve been interested in photography since I was at primary school and went to the after school club where we developed our own photos. I then progressed to ‘directing’ my husband and his whizzy camera to get the shots I wanted. One day I picked up his camera and, rather annoyingly to him, haven’t put it down since. I started a photo-a-day project and it ignited a love of capturing moments which I may otherwise forget. Since having children it has become an even bigger part of my life, looking back at days out, family get togethers, smiles, laughter (and the odd tantrum) has made me really appreciate what a photo can do.

Photography for me is all about capturing memories, my style is very natural and ideally portrait sessions are outside using nature’s backdrop and lighting system. I want you to enjoy your session, love your photos and smile when you look at them on your wall. Memories are so important and I want to help capture some for you to enjoy for years to come.